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          二、選擇填空(本題共1 5分,每小題1分)
          26.--- Jim, could you help me ____ when the plane will take off on the Internet?
          --- Sure.
          A. get on    B. find out    C. look for    D. look after
          27. ---Do you think Dream Theater is the best in town?
          --- Yes, it has the most ____ seats.
          A. terrible        B. comfortable    C. crowded    D. Expensive
          28. —When will you leave for Beijing?
          ---It’s ____ the weather.
          A. up to       B. interested in    C. close to    D. good at
          29. ---Do you think Beijing is ____ exciting place?
          ---Yes. I also think it’s one of ____most beautiful cities in the world.
          A. a, the                   B. the, a          C.  an, the    D. the, an
          30. --Many boy students think math is ____ English.
          ---I agree. I’m weaker in English.
          A. much difficult than     B. so difficult as
          C. less difficult than    D. more difficult than
          31. --- I think friends should be different ____each other.
          --- I agree with you. Then we can learn something ____our friends.
          A. to; from             B. with; as        C. as; with             D. from; from
          32. ---Look at the blackboard, Amy. Can you read these words for us?
          ---Sorry, Mr. Brown. I can’t see them____.
          A. quietly      B. clearly    C. loudly     D. comfortably
          33. --- My parents always ask me to follow many rules at home.
          --- But they_____ you, Dennis.
          A. make up     B. bring out   C. care about   D. think of
          34. ---How ____ your parents when they heard your grades?
          --- When they heard my poor grades, the smile ____ on their lips(嘴唇).
          A.      was; were    B. were; stayed     C. were; died    D.were; was
          35. ---These days traffic is heavier and the price of oil is much____.
          ---That is why so many people go to work by bus instead.
          A. high        B. higher    C. expensive      D. more expensive
          36. ---Wuhan is bigger than ____in Hubei.
          ---So it is. It is the biggest city in Hubei.
          A. any city    B. any other city     C. some other cities    D. the other cities
          37. ---Jim, you visited Wuhan Garden Exp Park this National Day. What do you think of it?
             --I The trip is enjoyable, but there are ____many people____ we cannot find a good place to eat.
          A. enough; to   B. too; to    C. so; that    D. too; that
          38. ---Here is my card. Let’s keep in ____.
             ---OK. I will ____ you on the phone.
          A. relation; call         B. friendship; get    C. touch; reach   D. line; meet
          39. --Can you help me repair(修理)the bike?
          ---____. Come and get it in an hour.
          A. That’s right        B. No problem    C. No, thanks    D. Excuse me
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